Admission application should be filled in the prescribed form by the parents or guardians who will be responsible for the pupil’s conduct, punctuality, regular attendance, progress in studies and payment of fees.      

  1. Eligibility:  

Only those who have completed –(i)  4 Years as on 31st  May are eligible to L.K.G.

                                                        (ii)  6 years upto 7 years as on 31st May are eligible for admission to Std. I

  1. Admissions are made by the Head of the Institution after personal interview.  Those who are called for the interview should bring with them the Xerox copy of the marks card and the Birth certificate.
  2. Students who are selected after the interview should pay the fees immediately. The fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.  The selected students who do not pay the fees by the given date will forfeit their seats.
  3. The Application form for admission available at the school office should be filled in complete with regard to all the information asked for.  He/She must produce an original Birth Certificate from the Corporation / Panchayat office. A candidate coming from other school must produce a Transfer Certificate from the school last attended duly countersigned by the Inspecting Officer in charge of the institutions, along with photocopy of the Birth Certificate.
  4.  Our Pre-Primary School, Primary School and High School are separate and independent units. Admission  to Pre-Primary School does not entitle one for a seat in the Primary school or High School.
  5. No changes in the Date of Birth, Name, Surname or Initials will be made without the Sanction of the BEO/DDPI/Commissioner of Public Instruction (C.P.I.) or through legal procedures.
  6. Every candidate for admission must be introduced in person by the parent / guardian who will be responsible to the Principal for their ward’s studies and conduct outside the school.
  7. Details of the candidate once entered in the Admission Register cannot be changed. So fill in the admission  application form as per the Birth Certificate /Transfer Certificate of your child.